About the company

Mocean Labs

Mocean Laboratories is a Swedish automotive electronics research- and development company.

Chances are that you have already experienced what we can do by having enjoyed good music, a great film or played a video game in one of many new cars from, for example, Audi or BMW.

Our company is foremost active in the audio/video processing market segment, developing solutions for MP-3/CD/DVD/Blu-Ray players, amplifiers and displays.

Mocean is one of the leading providers of Media Oriented Systems Transport (MOST) technology, for the automotive industry. MOST enables seamless transport of video, digital audio and packet-based data, along with control information.

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Whats on?

Latest Projects

Intel® Atom based Infotainment systems

As an early adopter for the Low-Power Intel® In-Vehicle Infotainment Reference Design, Mocean has gained a lot experience in this area. Mocean has solid expertise in hardware development, software (e.g. Linux development), FPGA and system design (e.g. Intel Atom processor-based systems).

Visteon RSE System

Visteon is a global enterprise with nearly a century of automotive engineering and design expertise. Visteon's customer base includes the 19 largest vehicle manufacturers in the world. Mocean is in this project responsible for all software- and FPGA development.

We love sound

Bladelius + Mocean Labs = Embla!

The Swedish based high-end audio company Bladelius Design Group has developed a totally new replay system for compact discs. The target was to create a player that did not have any moving parts during playback. Another objective was to create jitter-free audio data to be fed to the DAC's without any need for correction.

All this was realized with a optical disc Digital Signal Processing System, developed by Mocean Labs.

Have a look at this great system's gorgeous desing and impressive spec's on Bladelius' website.

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Job Openings

We have several new positions but are foremost interested in people with a background in embedded systems engineering, focusing on Linux, DSP or ASIC/FPGA.

If you have any questions or want to send us your CV, please, do not hesitate to contact us! Phone or email